NAOSH Week Champion Program

Four levels support key aspects of the national NAOSH Week program

NAOSH Week Supporters

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Catalyst Champions

Catalyst Champions support the Canadian NAOSH Week Launch Event. Government officials, business leaders, dignitaries and occupational health and safety professionals from across the country will be in attendance at the event, which officially marks the beginning of NAOSH Week.


Resource Champions

Resource Champions support the NAOSH Week Resource Guide and Safety Calendar. The Resource Guide is the cornerstone pro motional document for NAOSH Week in Canada and provides valuable information that encourages participation. The Guide includes event and activity ideas, sample press releases, background information, lists of award winners, and links to OHS resources and promotional products. With the addition of a Safety Calendar, the Resource Guide is now a year-round reference. The Safety Calendar features posters from the CSSE's Annual Children's Poster Contest and includes information on safety and health related conferences and events being held across the country.


Motivational Champions

Motivational Champions support the NAOSH Week Awards Program. The CSSE offers Canadian NAOSH WEEK Awards in four categories:

  • • Most Innovative
  • • Best New Entry
  • • Best Representation of the Theme
  • • Best Overall