Event and Activity Suggestions

Here are ideas and information resources to help make your Safety and Health Week activities a success.

Officially acknowledge Safety and Health Week with a flag-raising ceremony and signing of a Safety and Health Week proclamation by your mayor, community dignitaries and other government officials.

Promote Safety and Health Week through articles your newsletter and social media channels. Don't forget to use the #SafetyandHealthWeek hashtag.

Host a public symposium on health and safety issues in your community and work with a local business, service organization, supplier to sponsor the event.

Display Safety and Health Week posters in offices, on bulletin boards, and at work stations. Include Safety and Health Week messages on your Intranet and in e-mails to staff.

Launch a recognition program for safety suggestions that are put into use or enhance ongoing health and safety practices.

Encourage local retailers and businesses to show their support by displaying Safety and Health Week posters.

Conduct an open house that focuses on health and safety. Involve suppliers, and invite local dignitaries, clients and colleagues.

Send public service announcements (PSA) to local radio stations, and contact local media to arrange interviews or promote organization's activities.

Conduct training sessions, or host a Threads of Life Speaker who can deliver a powerful and moving personal message for your audience.

Work with community newspapers to publish a special supplement featuring safety articles, advertising, the Safety and Health Week logo and Safety and Health Week events and activities.

Hold a film festival of the Youth Video Contest winning entries at your workplace.

Invite school classes to tour your operations, highlighting basic safety features and the importance of working safely.

Partner with suppliers and community health and safety organizations to set up specific safety demonstrations, focused on safe work habits, for employees and/or people in the community, in shopping malls, for example.

Display a Safety and Health Week banner/flag in a prominent location in your community. For example, the Safety and Health Week banner has been seen on a railway overpass, on the side of warehouses and at events. Likewise, the Safety and Health Week flag has been raised in public squares and proudly flown outside business locations.